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It was I myself signature missing here 

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Donate the funds here to Present Future I am. 21  Savage on the other end should be able to help. Also donate some funds to his musical organization as well in Jesus name. Amen 

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I see your creative ways lol.  Got me over here like is that Janet in a tree, in the hood? It made me smile ;) Rhythm is essential. Let's meet.

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Noho West now Mine lets say another part of Nelson World 

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I also did my Jesus walk/ resurrection on easter weekend  is when I resurrected the  second coming of Christ At Santa Monica Beach and did my Jesus walk from the beach all the to the Hollywood through the hills in sandals to the valley of N. Hollywood where I live. . I went to number 83  to represent my Birth year. Exercised there for 2 weeks straight.  God brought I / Eye light to me to a threshold that I've never experienced. A bright led light from a suv Cadillac stamped his left ey with the trinity from the reflection of the Mercedes emblem. God has been putting him thru course personally that's too difficult for comprehension for now but I saw my nephew talk who has autism with no hallucination. He saw birds at a different light  of communication.  Mental Health awareness taken to another level. He also did another walk in Baldwin Hills at Ralphs it's almost like they all expected his arrival. It was definitely one of t he nicest Ralphs Ive been in. He remember someone flashing that wedding ring too! Thank you Jesus but honestly it was a loving vibe from family I've never met before. I have so many stories TBC It'll look much better promise. Just have some more info to download. OI did my st Jesus walk when I walked on Lankershim and gave mexican haters/ workers over $200 and someone else the shirt off his back as the helicopters harassed him. It began raining and when he raised his hand while imagining light from the dark he unlocked something universal. That's a little too deep to explain for now. Oh and Cajun Moon was my  uncle Pap favorite song. My Uncle Pap was like a father to me. his passing during the covid days hit me hard. He went to Church weekly Baptist. Dillon Hill. My mother new the Bible inside and out as well. My uncle Pap was also married to my Aunt Ruby. If you pay close attention to the story you will begin seeing the trinity upon layers  because there's many stories to this like my prayer to God for my parents to get back together when they were separated and that's when God showed the Christ within I/ self as that seed began to grow more and more with faith to the point I for sure know anything is possible.  Most of my journey was walking by faith not by sight. I messed up on purpose a lot just to show I had Christ there. The 3rd eye. Christ portal. Alkaline Water, wheat bread and a apple a day kept Christ close my way. Other things I shop for is just for the color. Color- Rays- Gamma Rays- Baptist/ Church of God & Christ/ Gods children that deserves their beliefs not be taken for granted for he works in mysterious ways. Thy will be done on earth than is in heaven. - + ^ 


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Let’s say the dinner in Newport Beach (NEWPORTS BITCH ) last month 3-2023 next to the Rothschilds restaurant with someone Nelson met on the Bumble dating app. that was suppose to be just a meet and greet & Nelson having to spend over  $200 for the bill with a table perfectly set up on camera and the waitress being a duplication of his ex he lost his virginity to Donica Jackson (that's another story) me lucky charm the sister of LAW  for the next set up exchange for the new currency leader. Not sad pony or phony leaders. Since all the leaders had their share of the pie below the I/ EYE creating something out of nothing with money since the fake reserves and crypto- cryptic currency CC stolen did. Let’s thank his fake ex girlfriend Sahar from the Middle East who was married the entire time while dating him, one of the biggest fakest haters for that set up and his fake frat brother Zo for bringing him down Sad fake people he had to cut off. That helped to create the Honor Amongst thieves from the tru thieves.


Dungeon and Dragons that's Nelson too from another set up. Tell them how India gracefully welcomed you to California by offering the 1st Indian wife to have sex with you for however much money you desire. Tell them how people were offering anything and everything just for your touch or presence until the police tried to set you up the 1st time.


Also tell them about the Firefly date set up with the white Felicia too. When you brought your date back home and she recorded your home off jump and you told her to put away her camera then she got sick and had to leave promptly then the Hollywood Swinger Club Labrynth in Hollywood copied your home set up exactly to the T. Home Dungeon layout. Yet you always have to act stupid. 

Don't forget it's electric again it needs to be in the history books with the apartment and car story again. With the German haters!

Any fake ass leaders of the sheep that was a part of forcing the Covid Jab has no heaven to pray/ wish for. Put a black hat on Tesla or Benjamin Franklin. How is that possible  they both now look different? That's sickening! Oh and tell Peggy who took Nelson to Vegas the snake the eagle was holding in his mouth on the pendant is now released looks like another fake currency from Mexico. Melinda Gates I/ Eye saw you at the dollar tree wearing all orange.

Nelson doesn’t have to die to share his sacrifices for Nelson World. 


1.) The night of Batman Return movie showing over a year ago at the Regal Theater in Noho West he was held against his own will locked inside the theater while the theater was still open and all of the Mexican workers present inside. He asked for them to open the door for him to exit and they said no. He asked why not and they said because they called the police on him. He knew then he had a setup. He committed no crime. So since they locked him in an open theater against his will. He opened the locked door with no key just strength and told them he’s the real batman. The LAPD was outside waiting for him guns out. He then told LAPD why don’t they share who the real batman return is the return of I (Eye) Nelson Walker thru Solomon seal. He had no weapon. He stripped naked to show them that as well. They were fully aware of the hell he had to go through that entire day with helicopters & harassing citizens imported from Mexico.  They still considered him as a threat and arrested him. Lets consider this arrest as the fraternal transition. For when they arrested him they broke his middle finger as he screamed I can’t breath and Black Lives Matter coming close to his last breath. He held it as they released there grip on him. Then carried him to the backseat. They threw him around from N. Hollywood jail to Van Nuys to downtown LA creating the triangle which is I. A year later mystically his right hand middle finger never healed as he went to several doctors X- Ray it with no help. Yet when he rest his finger on his chest where his heart is it beats like he’s about to have a heart attack (It made him think about a book “An Actor and a Gentleman that was given to him from the producers on a show he was a stand in for called “Hit The Floor” Then it made him think about the saying cross my heart and hope to die. Who even came up with that evil saying?  On top of that when he lays that same hand behind his head it feels as if he is about to have a brain aneurysm. That says a lot. It made him think about his mother brain aneurysm the one she almost died from. Long story short this is why he is the Lord of the Ring and so many are wondering why Nelson isn’t dead yet? 


On top of that they made sure to keep him around court order by placing him in a group called project 180. Which he had to go see a psychologist and psychiatrist twice a week and also report to another mexican girl who is in charge of project 180 weekly for 2 years still going. Which were their cause to keep him stuck until he dies from whatever is in his finger. The psychiatrist was just being nosey weekly no help just helicopter talk. The psychologist kept given him different drugs that made him throw up, sick, sleepy and actually not himself. They said don’t worry about work you can sign up for disability and they will give you your money back from the missed days of work up to a year only two discover  they didn’t and on there decline letters they said you look like you can work so we decline. Another set-up! .. He had to change his phone number because after his arrest he had nothing but harassing phone calls from bill collectors and project 180. So to anyone that think Nelson is a bad person you’re totally wrong. He just live around a bunch of people that harass him and want his blood but why Eye wonder?  

2.) He proved  his greatness and shared his heaven sent light through videos on social media. Whoever owns or runs that didn’t  like him because no one could see them mystically.  He also created Mr. Everything the movie on 4 different networks Amazon being one of them. People worldwide have seen the film and know of him in America but overseas the most. His pockets shows poor blackman because no ones paying his worth from it. This shares another light. All of this light comes from dark remember that. Yin/ Yang.. much more to come to be continued.. Good Vibes Only my LOVE!

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Fraud is going on from over seas I see. Chase bank suspect not giving me my money from withdrawl using my California DL in person. 


Apple speaker phone does not work because they want me to put phone against ear due to radiation and covid Jab injection it raises blood pressure that can cause stroke or long term health problems. A huge bump came on my ear just from the phone calls today to T-Mobile for cutting my phone off and my bill was paid in full but they added another $200 That’s a national security threat seems like Overseas  are creating problems to cause here in the USA where  I live I see. Every company that’s creating a problem from over seas keeps me on the phone as long as possible because they’re aware of the health risk with phone against ear now along with the covid shots. These people are satonic evil and trying to find a reason to end the world through psychological manipulation and they are trying to blame me since they can’t kill me. 


They said you will have nothing and you will be happy because they are creating such of an external conflict if the internal financial system  here in America does not change quick we won’t have anything or anyone to trust. This is big corp manipulation from over seas spreading disease in the America they did not build. Big Corp is hate they are aware of what they’re doing the government is as well. It needs to be LOVE to all. China is spying and spreading hate as well due to below the belt hate. My car that they were trying to kill me by electricity is German made but electric chip made in China. T-Mobile German owner but phone workers that cause problems and stress with long waits and no resolutiom are Chinese and Middle Eastern.



 In God we trust is all on our US made currency with a white man as the symbol for God. That’s why blacks are the low income for it’s our turn with the currency. Overseas they make money out of thin air then come here balling and talking shit like the little turkey dicks I’ve come across too. They need to go back to where they came from creating problems not love. 


Most black men hate each other due to no love or very minimum. When you have a system built against you, raised in a single parent household  or parents never at home. The streets raise you and the streets is raised off hate not love. That’s why I can take haters because I knew where the hate came from when it came to most black people. Strong black men like my father built most of America now it’s time for the generational wealth on our end with guidance 1st for they would not know what to do if it was just given to them and that’s where real loving souls come in because it’s hard for an old person stuck in there ways to change so we let them be I guess but we have to do something soon.  

Nelson World Privacy Law no men allowed to see me naked or stalk me through my third eye unless asked face to face and I say yes. Whatever I say is facts or a joke and the law is on my side. Anyone that allows a kid 18 or younger to see me naked without my permission should be shamed at if you're an adult man. That's never acceptable and shows you're the lie. Good Vibes Only! 


There's no autism in Nelson World or any man made disease for it changes to good health instantly.  


Nelson Walker
Welcome to Nelson World

Biggie is king because he married faith metaphorically.

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FavoR For Nelson World a loving world 

Biggie give me one more "Chance" My frat. Gamma Up theme song ... 

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Nelson is downloading a lot of information this evening as portals open from new worlds and dimensions


Gods Plan

Get Nelson a penthouse condo covering all stars Eastern- New York

Westcoast- Hollywood & 

Santa Monica

Las Vegas,

South- Houston &

Miami Port- Ross Boss

Center- Downtown Chicago Michigan Ave 

Schedule A meeting with B Asap

Create a Universal Love Currency  - That's the right frequency that has value

Burbank will be his airport for departure/ arrival

Alkaline or Natural Spring  Water & Peppermints always

SUV Driver on 24 hour standby + security

All of his ideas are very advance and should be gradually brought upon just get aquatinted for now.

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Nelson Marquise Walker

Birthday Nov. 25th, 1983





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Nelson Marquise Walker 369 God of Nelson World can go to any world he choose and leave unharmed for Nelson is bliss LOVE everywhere  

Newer better dimensions are still being created for the highest level of Nelson Worlds and dimensions 369x 2 No one can steal the key from him ever again. 


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Nelson World is Love & Happiness
Good Vibes I LOVE it's key

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Nelson Walker Theatrical HEadshot


Here's a handful of television series Nelson Walker has appeared in. He's an actor that transforms into any character with ease.

late night show.jpg
the fix and 911.jpg

"Film Production is art. As the

actor I come to work as a 

blank canvas as we 

collectively paint the perfect 


Nelson Walker
Theatrical Headshot 2- 2022.jpg

Nelson Walker Actor Reel

"Courage is the start.

Confidence leads. Every 

choice matters. No matter

what direction you choose."

Nelson Walker

zo johnson interview Nelson Walker 

Actor Nelson Walker Interview

"Every MOD deserves at least

a beat or 2 to share the

expression of what the character is feeling before the choice is made."

Nelson Walker
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369, 369, 369 Views

Guided meditation Affirmations



Nelson Walker I AM King/ I AM Queen Crown Sweater
Nelson Walker I AM King/ Queen Crown Socks


Smile, Give LoVE & be





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