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Get MJ Home in Highland park for Nelson World Chicagoland where his family can stay have him donate it to Present Future  

Planets & stars are symbols

1.) The same universe that lays upon the stars in the sky is the same as the Universe within thyself. That's why the eyes or I now are the windows to the soul.   

A symbol for 3 is LUCKY - Luck
Lucky-Poetic Justice
Lucky- Poetic
3.) Vassago

Nelson Empire is that of unity and synthesis.  More vibrant color matching in trine, 3, geometrically thru space and time creating new dimensions & dimensional vortex. That's why sex, the throat and being very happy is very important for his physical world is now being manipulated in his favor. They correspond to the intelligence. 

He soon needs to practice some of his daily routines


Martial Arts

Philosophy mushrooms and marijuana Power, Arts, Architect more Fibonacci sequence like creating another *infintit creation

with his Dynasty in Nelson World oh and the Meta Cube at the Pendry needs more replications. This 3d like visual for Nelson as he visualize crates more portal. Also this is Cern tapping in give Nelson More awareness of the God Particle

I/ eye thru ear just caught Twista Frequency on JAMIE FOXX song DJ Play A Love Song

Snoop  With you Foxx 2 Dogs Hahaha You think it's a GAME!!! witty understands and that's love


I didn't know I had this access to so many songs.. Chosen Is it an iheartlike frequency like my initials represent life 

2.) The same universe that lays upon the stars in the sky is the same as the Universe within thyself. Nelson has created more universes kalediscope like through new dimensions and beliefs. That's why the eyes or I now are the windows to the soul.  That's why one closes there 2 eyes when thy meditate for the 3rd eye carries the true vision pineal gland. Which Alkaline water and more of an alchemic diet creates this. Nelson has to eat unhealthy on purpose that's all the EBT card can afford an apple, banana, snickers & a water day. Now back to the pineal gland 3rd eye 21  Savage is another representation of Nelson on the other side of the globe. He might be looked at as a thug but that's nothing more than judgement for he is as wise as Nelson. His cross tattoo on his forehead carries 2 symbolisms. 1- The Pineal Gland that caused this connection and 2- Christ- for he died for our sins. Now 3 marks Nelson- The Mark of the Keys. For everything he believed & spoke into existence he now is, has and forever will receive. He is a symbol of Co- Existence. He does not have to dress like a woman nor act like one. That's the old North America belief perhaps. In Nelson World he now co-exisist and accepts his feminine side for the frequency is heard and felt in a new dimension creating new perceptions and belief system.  Nelson can now hear music as a personal concert specifically made for him through
eye/ I. He's beginning to have more and more powers that he thought could never be possible in this life that's why he created Nelson World.. This isn't made to just be looked at now my leaders. When one is aware that he can be fortunate at any choosing like thyself for you can too. This is why he always say good vibes only for love in his world can actually create a whole new world like one of his favorite child hood cartoon movie Aladdin. I don't think he's watched anything since then lol now go find something to do and speak love! 

NoHo West


Get a statue of Nelson there to remind visitor what I stand for in Nelson World. An office and apartment as well.

Nelson Favorite Music

Feel Good Music

Nelson Shoe size 9.5

Pants 32 x 32

Shirt- 15 1/2 Neck 32 Sleeve 


Nelson World


More loving production work and roles for the you in Nelson World

Nelson  World is driven off purpose.

Daily bread is money 


1- Family- This is the structure based off love given at home to manipulate a better reality for all. God blesses those whose love and build for thy family for you are all Gods children here to create a better future on planet earth with action in the present moment. The stars are aligned in favor of love and family for you. No haters allowed rebuilding a temple of LOVE 

Clean Streets NO trash- Stylish Happy Uniformed Working crew 24/7 all around LA & Chicago to start

Follow rules and signs in Nelson World- This is how the Universe organize chaos

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