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Equal Rights

Every child a loving home for love is our purpose.

Free better Health & Dental Care with more Holistic options

A plant is a plant which is legal and a drug is made in a lab I  think

More job opportunities. Better pay. We make work more worth it. 

Clean streets. no potholes. More hope. No fear

Healthier food options at a more affordable price.

Nelson World

Clean green energy, more nature, better landscape. more trees and flowers

We build with stregnth mind, body and soul.


We share knowledge of the unseen energy. For every belief is mystic.

No toxic news


No toxic internet

No toxic radio

No toxic haters

No toxic television programming for that's deception of the old world we leave there.

Military and police makes us proud for their truly on our side now.

More opportunities to travel the world feeling safe with family or love escapde & we won't feel broke afterwards. Although we might look it. 

We evolve by communicating with love as our internal vibration reflects the world around us.

Organization is chaos organized. It all starts with faith and effort. 

More family purpose gatherings for good friends becomes family with consistent love.

Always know God favors LOVE and provides more opportunity when love is the light from the dark in any means necessary.

We don't create mental heath problems and dump them on the street. 

Sexy time is kept private. Go to Wi- Spa LA and see why JK but seriously cover up or you're gonna make a lot of computer engineers very mad including I that's Universal

Don't forget to wash your hands before you use the bathroom you dirty clean people. 

Love Ya! Muah!!

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